"Violence is a public health problem of epidemic proportion."
Healthcare facilities are unique environments which therefore require specific training and tactics from security guards. Onyx provides security guards that will work in a healthcare facility training on de-escalation techniques, non violent intervention skills, and proper customer service etiquette.

Onyx guards are trained to recognize potential signs of aggressive behavior, interact with that person in a positive manner, and de-escalate the situation before it becomes a hazard.

A few of the Services our Guards Provide to the Condominium and Residential Industry

- Interior and exterior patrols
- Access control and CCTV monitoring
- De-escalation of potentially volatile situations
- Visitor Screening and control
- Parking control and enforcement

If you require security guards for your healthcare facility, please contact us today for a quote

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160 Tycos Drive, Suite 2223A
Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1W8