"Helping to ensure the safety and security of people and property in a professional, customer service, and community orientated approach"
The mission statement incorporates the three main principles of Onyx Guard Services Inc.

Our Company strives to be professional in all aspects of services, from our guards to upper management which demonstrates our first principle of professionalism. We expect all members of our corporation to act in a professional manner.

Our second principle is customer service, which illustrates the commitment of all employees to provide superior customer service to any member of the public they come into contact with. Any employee interaction with any individual reflects and has an impact on Onyx, our clients, and the private security industry as a whole. This is why everyone employed with Onyx will communicate with the public/clients in a professional customer service orientated fashion.

Lastly, our third principle is having a community orientated approach to our services. Onyx recognizes the vast differences of cultures and individuals in our society and as such, employees will act in a professional and appropriate manner with any individual to ensure that no individual is discriminated against.

These three principles are incorporated into all aspects of business within Onyx Guard Services Inc

Toronto Office

160 Tycos Drive
Suite 2223A
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 1W8, Canada
Phone: (647) 794-7113
Fax: (647) 794-8069

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160 Tycos Drive, Suite 2223A
Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1W8