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Commercial Property Security Guard Services

Onyx security personnel serve as front line ambassadors to our commercial and business clients. As such all security guards are properly screened and trained before being deployed to any commercial client.

Your security requirements are unique and Onyx will tailor your security solution to fit those needs. Our security guards can provide front desk reception duties, patrols, closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring, package/delivery control, and emergency response. Security personnel work closely with property owners/managers to ensure that our commercial clients are receiving that their comprehensive plan is delivered and fulfilled.

Commercial properties come in many shapes and sizes from corporate office spaces to pharmacies and convenience stores. Your commercial property required a substantial investment, and there may be many stakeholders involved. It is important to demonstrate to both shareholders and commercial tenants that you are taking steps to secure their safety in order to continue to offer meaningful employment that serves the needs of the community.

For stakeholders, their primary concern may be the management of investment funds or intellectual property in order to safeguard themselves financially and legally. Other commercially run businesses in your commercial building are primarily concerned about their inventory, theft and safe staff entrances and exits.

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What's At Risk

Trespassers and thieves act fast to accomplish their goal and get out of the building without anyone seeing them. Calling the police may be your first inclination when you find that your building has been compromised, but police are often overextended which leads to a lengthy response time. Besides, as an owner of a commercial building you know that even if law enforcement catches the thief, you will already have incurred costs. Broken windows, damaged locks and intentional damage to walls and equipment are just some of the items you could be on the hook for.

Security professionals tell their clients time and time again that the security of their business facility should be among the first priorities. Sadly, many businesses do not want to budget for security guards, cameras and other security needs. Instead, they wait until their business has been compromised once. Thieves often revisit buildings that have provided a payoff, leaving you to clean up the mess once again before putting in a call to your insurer. Don’t risk waiting until your business is impacted before setting up a security program that meets your needs and the needs of the businesses in your commercial building.

What Can Be Done

Most criminal thieves are opportunistic, meaning that they’re not motivated enough to steal something if it will require time and effort to access it. With that in mind, consider the contents of your business and to what degree they are valued. If the items are very valuable or scarce, you can assume that there may be extra work undertaken by a thief in order to acquire them.

It is important to take a proactive approach to security issues in order to prevent security breaches. Your security program should use more than one prevention mechanism to deter would-be thieves. Here is how a multi-faced security approach could help you secure your building.

If your building has areas that are dark and unsupervised, like a parking lot, install flood lights to make the area visible to both onlookers and vehicle owners.    

In order to deter anyone who is considering wrongfully entering your building, it is important to post clear signage around the entrances and problem areas (like dumpsters if you have a concern that people are dumping. A simple sign indicating that they are being recorded is likely to lead the thief to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Closed Circuit Television Monitors allow several areas in your building to be seen at once and can provide helpful information in security and incident investigations.

Installing a fence around the perimeter of your property is an effective way to establish a clear boundary.

In order to mitigate the likelihood of anyone getting access to restricted areas, it is important to control their access to certain areas of the building. A simple way to achieve this is to use a swipe or fob system which can be programmed for each employee’s needs. Note that it is common to thieves to walk in with a staff member who doesn’t bother to ask who they are and what their business is. All visitors must enter the building with their own card/fob and direct visitors and others to the correct entrance where their entry to the building can be documented.

Security professionals are eager to share their knowledge with you as you plan your safety program. With other protections in place, your building may benefit from a physical security guard who can do the things that technology cannot.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Security Service

At Onyx, our trained security guards are ready to serve your needs as plainclothes or uniformed guards. Security guards send a powerful message to criminals that there is an active presence of guards overseeing your property. A car dealership, for example, uses security guards routinely to patrol their office buildings as well as their car lot. These types of commercial businesses do best with ‘boots on the ground’ oversight. Our guards are skilled at identifying questionable behavior and they are equally skilled at defusing contentious arguments, engaging in problem solving, and liaising with the police when required.

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