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Condominium & Residential Security Guard Services

Onyx security guards act as our condominium and residential property clients front line ambassadors. Therefore. Onyx only provides the most professional, reliable, and highly trained guards to our clients.Our Security training program ensures that every security guard becomes a welcoming and supportive part of the daily experience for every resident, visitor, staff member, and stakeholder on site.We incorporate this mindset to our condominium and residential clients, blending superior customer service training with the unique security requirements of our clients.

Services We Offer

We offer several levels of residential guard services at Onyx, each customizable to your specific needs.

Concierge Guards

Depending upon the size of your building and level of need, you may require a security guard to perform concierge duties throughout the day or overnight when inquiries are infrequent. These guards will act as an ambassador for your company, greeting tenants and visitors with a smile, performing reception duties, key control management, and regular patrols.

Visitor Screening

In order to keep every tenant and their visitors safe, it is important to know who is present in the building at all times. Your security guard will greet visitors upon entry, recording their name and contact information. This makes visitors accountable for their conduct during their stay and allows them to be reached in the event that it is required.

Access Control and CCTV Monitoring

Access controls typically use swipe cards or fobs that can be programmed for each tenant to have access to residents-only areas. Security guards handle access control for vendors and contractors, ensuring that they document their times in and out. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can be a valuable resource, however, in many cases they go unmonitored. Our security guards use CCTV as a powerful resource, allowing them to see several areas in the building at once. This allows the guard to effectively address concerns within or around the building.

Interior and Exterior Patrols

Your security guard won’t be standing idly by while on shift. They will put in many steps as they regularly patrol each level of your facility and the perimeter of your property.

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About Condo & Residential Security

Residential and condominium tenants expect to feel comfortable, not only when protected in the safety of their homes, but while entering and exiting the building. Larger properties with many suites and more than one entry or exit point ensures that keeping tabs on the security of the property is a difficult task for a concierge or building manager to conduct alone.

While a concierge is often asked to attend to security matters, their attention is necessarily diverted if visitors, contractors, or residents require their immediate assistance. We understand that, as a business, your residents are your ‘customers’, and they must come first. But buildings that are only partially secure offer a false sense of financial ‘savings’ to building owners, since one instance of break and entry could easily cost a business the equivalent of one year of security services. What’s more, instances of theft or other security concerns can cast doubt over a valued tenant’s feeling of safety.

As a business owner, a security guard can increase the quality of tenants in your building. Although building managers take good care to follow protocol, such as references and employment status, where new tenants are concerned nothing is a sure bet. Poor quality renters can degrade the building’s resale value by damaging property, letting nefarious visitors enter the building, and draining resources resulting with continuous need for oversight. Long-term tenants living near these difficult neighbours  are more likely to find somewhere else to reside if faced with these issues. Your tenants are the heart of your business and great tenants are invaluable. When you hire residential security, potential tenants can see their presence and will often seek out another residence that will not hold him or her accountable for their actions.

Your Partner in Secure Living

At Onyx, we work with our client’s unique needs in order to develop a security program that is reasonable and affordable. The needs of each facility vary drastically in terms of scope of need. While some locations use multiple security guards, access controls and CCTV monitoring, others require the assistance of only one security guard.

Industry Leading Response Time

If you’ve ever called the police, you may know that waiting for police to arrive can sometimes feel like forever, particularly for low-value theft. When residents see something suspicious, they may ignore it if checking it out requires time and attention. A security guard is available for tenants to contact with questions or concerns and acts quickly to investigate threats. These security guards will know the layout of your building, as well as its exterior grounds, in order to address the threat no matter where it happens. With a mind for customer service, your security guard will bring the approachability and discernment your tenants need to feel confident in their safety.

Keeping Residents Safe & Secure

Security isn’t just about making sure that those with bad intentions don’t get into the building, it’s also about protecting the safety of residents and their families. This includes monitoring pool and gym facilities and other areas where intruders could hide. Slips, falls and heart attacks often occur where no one is looking – but you’ll have personnel on site to find and assist residents in crisis. Security guards are qualified to perform CPR and coordinate with first responders.

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