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Construction Site Security Guard Service in Toronto

Onyx construction site security guards in Toronto are experienced in the protection of property and materials on construction sites. Our management team will work closely with your team to ensure a proper security plan is developed and implemented. Once a plan is in place, our experienced and knowledgeable construction site security guards will be deployed based on the security plan. Onyx security guards will ensure vandals keep off the property, no material leaves site without the client’s approval, and visitors are properly screened and documented. You can rest easy knowing that your equipment and materials are being protected with Onyx construction site security services.

Construction Site Security in Toronto & Mississauga - Where To Start

To the average passer-by, construction sites offer little of interest. Industrial materials, muddy walkways and sprawling equipment are of little interest to the average observer, in fact, the average observer may even complain of its appearance. Those in the construction industry know better. Unfortunately, construction sites are of great interest to criminals who are aware of the value of the various tools, materials and equipment that are found within their boundaries.

Construction site and project managers have a lot to think about where it comes to construction site security. These sites are rife with security challenges due to being outdoors without clear barriers from public view. In order to protect builder and stakeholder investment, a security plan must be of top priority in order to ensure the security of valuables and the safety of those working on site.

Potential safety and security hazards on construction sites include but are not limited to:

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Prevention is Key

Since construction sites exist outdoors, they require effective perimeter fencing with minimum distance from fence to site materials of 5-6 feet and 24-hour active oversight to secure properly. Without construction site security guard oversight, sites are vulnerable to theft. Construction site security guards provide several benefits that keep staff, contractors, vendors and assets safe.

First, a security guard sends a signal to onlookers that there is a security program in place on site. Optically, a security guard’s presence communicates to those with questionable intentions that security precautions have been prioritized on site, and there are likely several layers to the security program. 

Effective signage should be in view, indicating that trespassers will be prosecuted or that observers are being actively video recorded. The average criminal will take these signals to mean that there will be strategy and risk involved to access materials. Most thieves turn their sights to easier targets and abandon their interest in your construction site at that point.

Gate House Attendants

An effectively secure construction site is limited to one or two point of access, and should be locked when not actively monitored, such as when your construction site security guard is on active patrol of the site. Industrial locks should be used to protect the site to ensure that they are not vulnerable to bolt cutters or lock picking. Master keys should only be available to the security guard and site leadership in order to limit the number of master keys in circulation and limiting their ability to fall into the wrong hands. Locks should only allow key retrieval from the locked position in order to guarantee that locks are not left unsecured while the keyholder leaves the area.

Your security program should outline who has permission to access the site with a vehicle, who must walk onto the site, what entrance standards must be met for the site in terms of qualifications and PPE, and who is not permitted to be on site. Gatehouse guards will use this information to ensure that those on site are all authorized to be there, and that vehicle traffic is kept to a minimum inside of the site to minimize congestion. Your guard will document and screen every visitor to the site as well as their time in and out of the facility. This ensures that all contractors and vendors are safely outside of the site walls before they are locked for the night.

CCTV Surveillance

Your construction site security guard in Toronto provides tremendous value in terms of the security of your site, but guards cannot be everywhere at once. For this reason, your guard should have access to CCTV monitoring stations or other surveillance system. This allows the guard to address suspicious activities quickly and effectively if they are not actively patrolling said area. This is important, as without a security guard the police would be called to address the problem. Often demands on the law enforcement system are heavy and must be attended to in order of priority. In the case of a crime in progress, authorities may be late to respond, allowing the thief access to the site before they can arrive.

Using a construction site security guard in Mississauga & Toronto, alongside a monitoring program puts control back in the hands of your guard so that concerns can be identified and acted upon in a matter of seconds to minutes rather than minutes to hours.  CCTV has routinely been used to identify vulnerabilities in the security program and to identify suspects.

Project managers have a lot to consider in setting up a safe and clear construction site, and our professionals make it easier to ensure that all relevant considerations have been accounted for. Call us today to find out how we can help make your construction project a success.

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