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Onyx provides professional Concierge and Security guard services to hotels.
We specialize in providing staff members with exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge. Our selection process and training program ensures that our staff members are capable of fulfilling the unique needs of even the most discerning hotel guests and management teams. Our guards can be provided on a part time or full time basis depending on your business need. Our rates are affordable and our guards superior, contact us today for a quote.

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Hotels provide a necessary service in modern society offering individuals, couples and families safe lodging for their stay while away from home. These large facilities may also offer adjacent services such as restaurants and lounges, gift shops, conference rooms and leisure facilities like a pool or gym. These robust offerings bring together everything required for a comfortable stay, in fact, there may be so many available amenities at your hotel that many of your guests may find it difficult to leave.

Hotel Security Needs

While your guests go about their days enjoying everything that your facility has to offer, staff are continuously working to ensure the safety of their guests as well as colleagues– and it’s not always easy.

Hotel security offers many challenges due to the transient nature of guests and the building’s multiple entry and exit points. While a select few guests remain at the hotel for weeks, the majority stay between one and two nights before moving on to their next destination. This makes deciphering who is a hotel guest and who is not, difficult. With hundreds of interactions every day, facial recognition of each passing guest cannot be relied upon for screening.

Typically, hotels are open facilities in the sense that guests as well as members of the public can get into the building at any time of day through the front doors. At any given time, a lobby could be busy with guests, guest visitors, and restaurant guests. Along with those could be an aggressive pan handler and a thief, by way of example. Managing security in hotels requires constant vigilance and it can be difficult to meet security requirements without a layered strategy which includes video monitoring as well as an on-site security guard and a staff educated in the safety and security protocol of the hotel.

Professional security guards have become a popular choice for hotels in order to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their guests and staff safe. Concierge guards perform internal and external patrols on your hotel and the surrounding area, including parking lots where thefts from vehicles are common. Your guard will screen visitors as they arrive and monitor CCTV footage for concerns.  Guards have the advantage of being on site and ready to act on security concerns or medical crises. 

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Top 6 Hotel Security Concerns

It is critical to ensure the safety of all guests and employees by outlining policies for flood, fire, lockdown and other possibilities. Hotel guests may not speak English if they are visiting from another country. Proper signage in hotel rooms, facilities and lobbies should depict the evacuation route as well as muster point visually to ensure clear communication.

While a credit card registered guest is likely to respect rules of conduct and treatment of hotel property, their guests often don’t have the same motivation. It is important to keep track of visitors in the building to ensure they have left by the time quiet time comes along.

Hotels are targets for cyber crime, as they maintain a large amount of personal information from their guests including credit card numbers, passport information, addresses and vehicle information. When handling this kind of private information, it is the hotel’s responsibility to safeguard that information from online hackers. A robust information technology management system that is regularly monitored and updated is the best defense against these potentially serious instances of online fraud.

Late night wandering around the hotel may be innocent, but it also may be an indication of suspicious behaviour. Security guard patrols will ensure that wanderers are not wandering the hotels looking for an opportunity to steal from an unlocked storage or guest room. Unregistered guests will be escorted out of the hotel.

As much as it is uncomfortable to admit, hotels are often faced with instances of internal theft conducted or aided by a member of hotel staff. In order to ensure that the property of all guests are secure, thorough background checks should be conducted on anyone entering guest suites. In-suite lock boxes for guests provide reassurance and comfort that their most important documents are secure while they are away.

Guests who behave inappropriately toward other guests or staff are an unfortunate reality, particularly on weekends or holidays where guests are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol. Security guards are trained to diffuse these tense situations with conflict resolution techniques designed to calm the situation. If resolution cannot be found and the behaviour continues, the guest will be escorted out of the hotel where they can no longer be a safety concern for staff and guests.

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