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Onyx retail security guards are highly experienced security professionals screened and selected to ensure that their service abilities match perfectly the type of retail and loss prevention that our clients request.

Onyx management have designed and adapted our retail and loss prevention security services to provide a highly responsive service to reduce/deter theft to best serve a modern market. Onyx retail and loss prevention guards operate in many diverse outdoor and indoor settings. Their shared expertise includes excellent communication and people skills, undercover operations, and a wide depth of knowledge on apprehension and arrest procedures. Both uniform and plainclothes guards are available for either full time or short term operations.

Services We Offer

Business owners work under tireless pressure to ensure that their stores succeed. Marketing, scheduling, budgeting and filling in for last-minute call-ins when a staff member is sick are all part of keeping things running smoothly. The business owner bears the load of responsibility to make a profit in the face of the many challenges that can befall him or her. At the end of the day, business owners need to know that their daily efforts won’t be thwarted by criminals who want to benefit unfairly from their hard work and sacrifice. That means having a security system in place to keep watch over retail property overnight in your absence, however, many business owners are now seeking security support around the clock.

What is it About Retail

When it comes to security, retail has several unique challenges to consider. First, retail stores have customers entering and exiting the premises virtually non-stop throughout the day. Since it is unusual to have a ratio of employees to customers that would allow staff to monitor each customer, monitoring change rooms as well as front end can become not only difficult – but ultimately impossible to do well. Between working the tills, helping customers find what they’re looking for and keeping the store tidy, staff are working with full plates.

Overwhelmed staff in busy times, like the Christmas season, may be furthered by the fact that there may be staff changes due to attrition or staffing-up to meet the demands of the season. New employees require training to be effective. When unfamiliar with the store’s security systems they are more likely to panic and overlook suspicious behaviour, or to wave a customer through when an alarm bell rings (and watch them leave with their stolen goods). In addition, with having increased inventory to meet demand and more foot traffic in your store, opportunistic thieves are quick to move in and snatch an item ‘on the house’.

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Value in Professional Security Guards

At Onyx, we understand the challenges associated with running a business and our team of professionals is dedicated to offering staff, owners and patrons a sense of reassurance. Our security guards are available to oversee your retail store around the clock, including patrolling parkades and monitoring security footage. As security professionals, our guards are trained to diffuse and de-escalate conflict, apprehend suspects and escort problem patrons off the premises. Observation is key in our position, as it allows us to predict and intervene early in a conflict or dispute before it progresses into an event that could harm your customers, staff, or the reputation of your business.

Although we make our responsibilities as security guards our first priority, we are also working to represent your company and add value to your customer service efforts. For that reason, we are pleasant, welcoming and approachable to all your customers and we help wherever we can to improve the sense of security that staff and customers enjoy.

Common Retail Security Mistakes

If you are interested in improving your store security, you can avoid mishaps in your implementation by avoiding some common mistakes. First, ensure that you have consulted a professional that understands your industry and what considerations should be taken into account before outlining your security plan. All the fancy bells and whistles in the world won’t protect against theft if they aren’t a good fit for the needs of your environment. Security should not rely on stand-alone systems, but should have several layers that work together, like video, alarm and foot patrol. Video footage of a theft in progress may be helpful in identifying the suspects, but it does little to stop the crime from occurring if there isn’t anyone to respond quickly. Our security professionals are pleased to offer suggestions and answer any questions you may have in implementing a new security program, or upgrading older technology.

In considering what you are willing to pay to secure your store, don’t make price the only factor. The fact is, many retail businesses underestimate the importance of investing in securing their premises. It can take being robbed of valuable inventory or other event to trigger the need for security, and the costs you incur at that point are two-fold: costs associated with damage and/or inventory replacement, and the cost of the new system. If staff feel unsafe entering and exiting your building, you could find yourself understaffed. It can be difficult for the common person to understand how fraudsters think in order to anticipate the level of protection we require. Rather than underestimate the courage, intelligence and motivation of these fraudsters, it is better to overestimate in order to mitigate the risk of retail theft. Before you DIY your security system, be sure to consult with your security company for advice and recommendations. It could save you time and money!

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