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The nature of security in shopping centres requires security personnel to have good public relations, customer service, facility knowledge, and staff management skills. All security personnel that are provide have the knowledge and training that is required for a large shopping complex.Onyx can provide guards to fit the need of your establishment. Onyx works with our client’s to provide a proper guard solution for each client’s particular crime prevention requirements.Guards can be uniformed to meet the request of clients. Your shopping centre can choose from a soft customer friendly blazer approach to a tactical security uniform.

Services We Offer

Shopping centers are a modern convenience and a great gift to shoppers living in colder climates. No matter what temperature or time of year, shopping centers welcome shoppers into their facility. Many of these facilities are very large and offer consumers a variety of retail experiences. Choose from the food court, department store, movie theatre and even theme and waterpark activities. A far cry from the modest malls of the past, modern malls have been referred to as micro cities due to the range and diversity of the services and amenities they make available. But as technology has improved and allowed these micro cities to flourish, criminals have kept relative pace in terms of their ability to adopt new theft strategies. It remains critical that shopping centers continue to evaluate and evolve their capacity to mitigate instances of theft and maintain order within their corridors.

Retail Security VS Shopping Centre Security

Shopping centers share many overlapping security concerns as the various retail businesses they house. Their differences are found mostly in scale, since shopping centers are larger and have more potential points of failure to contend with.

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How Choosing Professional Security Saves Time & Money

Many shopping centers across the country and worldwide regularly rely on security teams to help them better support store owners, their staff, and their customers. Any public area where people can come and go or leave and return at their discretion without a security check requires extra vigilance where it comes to keeping patrons safe, due to the large number of vulnerable patrons in the building.

Shopping centers benefit by using a combined method of security measures including access control management, real-time video monitoring and a team of active guards who collaborate with video monitors to act swiftly where concerns arise. Without an active security team and proactive measures in place, shopping malls could quickly become targets for organized crime and other criminal activity. Thankfully, professional security guards are there to maintain order.

Some examples of common shopping mall concerns addressed by your security guards are:

  • Shoplifting – apprehension and detention of suspects for authorities
  • Lost children – children who have lost their parents, or parents who have lost their child
  • Drug dealing and use – public restrooms are considered a safe, warm place to use
  • Inebriation – patrons who have entered the premises while under the influence or that have overconsumed at a restaurant within the facility and must be escorted away
  • Inter-patron conflict – arguments or disagreements between patrons have the potential to turn violent and should be de-escalated before patrons are escorted out
  • Gang activity – shopping centers are often used as meeting places for groups of organized criminals.
  • Rowdiness – displays of rowdiness deter patrons. Security guards will intervene where behaviour is inappropriate
  • Predators – unfortunately, predators exist among us and may target large, busy spaces like shopping malls. Your security guard is vigilant and aware, ready to act if necessary
  • Assault – guards are trained to look for signs of aggression and escalation and will seek to detain anyone who commits violence on the premises
  • Medical emergencies – heart attacks, strokes and other health events can occur at a moment’s notice. Your guards are CPR certified and will work with authorities to ensure the wellbeing of your customer.
  • Alarm response – guard presence ensures that all alarms are responded to, including front-end merchandise alarms.
  • Vandalism – patrols ensure that all areas are checked frequently including washrooms and back-end receiving areas
  • Loitering – loiterers deter customers from entrances by occupying them for sleeping or soliciting customers.
  • Harassment – harassment and verbal abuse of staff cannot be tolerated.
  • Car accidents – when vehicle accidents occur on your premises, guards respond to the situation immediately and supports those involved until emergency services or law enforcement arrives.
  • Parking tickets – where vehicles have parked in a restricted area or outstayed their meter, security guards may issue tickets.
  • Detaining suspects – when an illegal incident has occurred, guards will detain the suspects involved until the authorities arrive to overtake management of the situation
  • Deterring opportunistic criminals – Perhaps a security guard’s greatest advantage. Since most theft occurs opportunistically, seeing a security guard in the area increases the risk of being caught and, therefore, the would-be thief moves on without any necessary intervention.

Working Together

A security guard’s job doesn’t end with observation or patrol, rather, a security guard is involved in interactions with customers all day long. We ensure that we represent your company and patrons by being helpful wherever we can and always remaining vigilant in order to address concerns proactively. We are also there to support your important staff, offering safe escorts to their vehicles or taxicabs. With a multi-faceted security program in place, everyone benefits from peace of mind and can direct their attention back to the task at hand.   If you have questions about any of our security programs, the professionals at Onyx are happy to take your call.

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