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Planning and coordinating an event can be very stressful, don’t let security and safety planning contribute to that stress. Onyx has experienced event/entertainment managers that can assist in planning and implementing security for your event. Onyx provides highly trained, reliable, and professional security guards for events and entertainment venues. Our guards will provide a safe environment for your clients and deal with any safety/security concerns in a professional manner to ensure minimal interruption to your event.

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As guests at important events, we see very little of what has been involved in making the event a success. Whether we attend a festival, a tradeshow or a concert, we are free to enjoy the entertainment with the expectation that security measures are in place to protect us. To security professionals, however, these events can be challenging and must be properly planned in order to ensure the enjoyment of the attendees as well as the reputation of the venue. 

Why You Need Professional Security

Events are complex to plan and organize and many event organizers place security low on the priority list in terms of budget. Without a prioritized security program with a reasonable budget, the risk to public safety and security increases dramatically. Seasoned event planners and security personnel know that all the money saved on security provisions is likely to be eclipsed by the significant losses due to theft as well as safety incidents that can occur in a matter of minutes. Safety and security must be priorities at any gathering to ensure an enjoyable and orderly experience for patrons as well as staff.

Planning and communicating safety and security protocol to staff before the event is important in order to ensure that staff know what to do in the event of an emergency situation. Your protocol should outline at minimum:

  • A clear evacuation plan that gets everyone out of the building safely and in an orderly fashion in the event of fire or other emergency.
  • What to do in the event of an active shooter situation. Staff should know where lockdown rooms are located in order to get to them quickly. Lockdown rooms should not have any windows or visibility from the outside.
  • In the event of an evacuation, your staff needs to know where to gather. This is critical to ensure that all staff is accounted for. Without an accurate staff count, emergency responders could be put at further risk re-entering to rescue an employee who has already fled the building.
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Common Event Security Concerns

Concerts and festivals can be large and chaotic. Outside events, in particular, are difficult to secure since there may be many points of entry and exit. Any time a large crowd gathers, there is potential for trouble. Security guards are trained to take a proactive approach to concerns in the environment. Wherever possible, the guard will attempt to intervene early – before the problem gets out of hand. Security guards are trained to notice suspicious items and behaviours and can often address the issue before the public is made aware of a problem. Common challenges that guards handle routinely:

  • Theft by those using the crowd to their advantage to conduct their business without notice
  • Theft by internal staff who use their access to restricted areas to steal valuables, materials or other
  • Vandalism of property is common at group events. Your security guard is continuously monitoring the attendees to ensure no damage to property
  • Incidents of injury as well as emergencies such as heart attack or stroke must be handled with care. If there are paramedics on site, ensure that your security staff are aware of where to locate them. Radio communication should include emergency responders, if on site.
  • Overconsumption is a likely challenge to any security team where alcohol is served. Arguments, conflicts and belligerent behaviour should not be tolerated, and guests should be safely escorted away from the event. In the case of overt violence, guards may subdue the attendee until they can be relieved by a police officer who can further detain the individual.

Planning the Event Security

In order to properly plan for your event, your security professional will want to understand some key elements of your event and expected attendees. The context of your event is a good place to start. For example, is it an annual company gala? Is it a fundraiser for children or other vulnerable populations? Is it a political event? The context of your event will help guide the conversation with your security vendor and provides a sense of who might be participating. A wedding tradeshow, for example, is likely to attract a young crowd of primarily women, whereas outdoor rock concerts serving alcohol will have a very different security profile.

Working Together

Your security company will also want to know about any lingering controversies that may make the event a target for thieves, criminals or agitators. Along with an understanding of the logistical layout of the facility and its surrounding property including parking lots, your security vendor is able to recommend how many physical guards are required to effectively support your event, and sharing general information about the security measures already in place, such as cameras, will help them to point out any potential need to reinforce weak points in the overall plan.

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